Feb 28, 2010


Assessing Caregiver Reflective Capacity, Commitment, Insightfulness, and Sensitivity is a new DVD by Arthur Becker-Weidman, Ph.D. . This two DVD set provides a comprehensive approach for the assessment of important caregiver functions.

The first DVD begins with an overview of the factors associated with placement stability. The presentation, which includes lecture, PowerPoint slides and videoclips of actual sessions, goes on to present material about assessing parent state of mind with respect to attachment, insightfulness, and reflective abilities.

The second DVD discusses caregiver sensitivity, how to assess commitment, the Adult Attachment Interview, and related topics.

ISBN: 978-0-9822883-3-7.
The DVD can be ordered directly from The Center For Family Development or at Amazon.com


Leigh Ann said...

This looks like a great resource. I am getting my ducks in a row to open a non-profit that is geared toward healing, equipping, and encouraging parents and other caregivers of children. I am an LPC in NC and specialize in attachment issues/ foster/adopted children.

I would love to find a reasonably cost effective way to learn the principles of DDP so that I can in turn teach it to the parents/ caregivers I will be working with as part of this ministry/ non-profit we are starting. Do you have any suggestions?

One program that is now developing as well with one of my partners in ministry, a local church, has a vision to engage adults on a continuum of committment to older foster children. Mentor, foster, adoption will be the continuum. I am offering to train the adults in the earliest stage of the continuum to attempt to give the would be mentors skills and capacity for empathy for these kids so that they won't try it and drop out easily when they are run through the ringer so to speak. My vision partner in the church agrees and would like for me to do the training. I would like to use DDP and Love and Logic principles. What would you suggest? This is not something I'll charge a regular clinician's rate for. So I need to keep costs down for me and for them, but my desire is to have equipped foster and adopted parents and mentors in this particular program.

The Russian orphan being returned is the kind of thing that breaks my heart and makes me want to do this even more.

Arthur Becker-Weidman, PhD said...

Dear Leigh Ann,

Thank you for your comment. That is wonderful that you are starting a non-profit for parents and other caregivers...good for you. There is certainly a large need.

Regarding how to teach the principles of DDP to parents, you might take a look at my DVD, Principles of Attachment Parenting that you can find on my website, www.Center4FamilyDevelop.com or on amazon at
You may also want to get a copy of my newest book, Attachment Parenting: Developing Connections and Healing Children
Both these resources will help you with your project and give you lots of material to use.

Also, any material you find on my website you may feel free to copy and use, just keep the attribution to the website and you may use all you want.

Feel free to call me if I can be of any further help to you in your project.

Good luck and keep up the good work