Feb 1, 2010

Finding homes for Children in Foster Care

A recent article in the NY Times describes the efforts of one man to track down the relatives of children in foster care and to help children move into permanent adoptive homes. His work is quite inspiring. Mr. Lopez, a former police detective, now does gumshoe work for what he calls a more fulfilling cause: tracking down long-lost relatives of teenagers languishing in foster care, in desperate need of family ties and in danger of becoming rootless adults.

"Finding an adoptive parent for older children with years in foster care is known in child welfare circles as the toughest challenge. Typically, their biological parents abused or neglected them and had parental rights terminated. Relatives may not know where the children are, or even that they exist. And the supply of saints in the general public, willing to adopt teenagers shaken by years of trauma and loss, is limited."

This is an inspiring article.

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