Oct 23, 2011

New Book on the Practice of Attachment-Focused Therapy

Dr. Becker-Weidman is one of the editors of a new book to be published early in 2012 on the professional practice of attachment-focused therapy. The two other editors are Lois Ehrmann and Denise LeBow. The book will serve as a practice manual defining standards of care. The book will be a valuable resource for social workers, psychologists, mental health practitioners, departments of social services, child welfare organizations, judges, and attorneys. The book's table of contents will be:
Chapter 1: Terminology and Diagnosis
Chapter 2: Purposes and Scope of Guide
Chapter 3: Overview of Attachment Theory: Synopsis of Key Concepts
CHAPTER 4: Overview of Attachment-Focused Therapy
CHAPTER 5: Core Concepts of Trauma and Trauma Focused Therapy
CHAPTER 6: Intake, Screening, & Referral
CHAPTER 7: Assessment of Children With Attachment Issues
CHAPTER 8: Treatment Planning
CHAPTER 9: Considerations in Behavior Management
CHAPTER 10: Training, Consultation, and Competency
CHAPTER 11: Ethical Considerations in Attachment Focused Therapy
CHAPTER 12: Vicarious Trauma and the Clinician’s Responsibility for Self Care
Appendix A: Paper on Coercion in Treatment
Appendix B: Screening and Assessment Tools
Appendix C: Out-of Home Placements
Appendix D: Study Guide

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