Feb 12, 2012

Working with culturally diverse groups

I've been reading and thinking, recently, about work with culturally diverse groups and wonder if any of you do and what your experience has been.

In thinking about treatment it seems that family and DDP therapists (who are primarily European-American) may tend to:
* Allow and encourage expressing emotions freely and openly
* View each member as having a right to the member's own unique self: to individuate from the family as a primary unit of identity
* Strive for equal division of labor among members of the family
* Consider egalitarian role relationships between spouses as preferred
* Focus on the nuclear family as the standard.
* Value a present-future time perspective

A variety of other cultures have differing values and orientations (Asian, South-Asian, Black American, First Nations/Native American, Hispanic, to name a few).

It might be interesting to have a discussion about working with culturally diverse groups...if any of us do work with such groups (I do, so that's what prompted my readings and thinking).



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