Dec 9, 2010

Child Abuse and Alcohol Abuse-a link

Child abuse is a significant public-health problem with 794,000 confirmed cases in the U.S. in 2007. The Centers For Disease Control's Adverse Childhood Experiences studies have documented this link quite clearly. It is a risk factor for a number of different problems including alcohol abuse, but less is known about this link in boys than in girls.

Researchers from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles studied 3,527 men aged between 17 and 56. Approximately 9% of the participants reported childhood maltreatment - defined as serious neglect or physical or sexual abuse occurring before the age of 15. Those who had been abused were 74% more likely to develop an alcohol problem.

Young-Wolff, K.C. ... [et al] - Accounting for the association between childhood maltreatment and alcohol-use disorders in males: a twin study Psychological Medicine (2011), 41, 59–70

For more information go to The Center For Family Development

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Brenda said...

Because of this fact, we keep no alcohol in our home. I have no doubt that our children who've been through trauma would not only taste it but drink every drop. As far as I know they have not had a drink as of yet, but I do not want to be responsible for starting it. They are impulsive and crave sugar. We also talk to them occasionally about how addiction runs in their bio families and will be something they will always need to be aware of in themselves as a possibility.